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How much of your Information Security function can you safely outsource?

Outsourcing is now very common among technology companies. Sometimes a whole function is delegated externally such as accounting, HR, marketing. Even R&D can be delivered by remote teams, often in other countries.

So what about information security?

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7 Advantages of using a "virtual CISO" (vCISO)

A growing trend in the world of Cyber Security is the outsourcing of some or all of the Information Security team.

This can be just a small part - vulnerability management; vendor risk management; responding to customer questionnaires. It could be just the leadership function, a virtual CISO or vCISO. Or it could be the entirety of the Information Security team.

As you evaluate the pros and cons of in-house vs. outsourced, consider the following.

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Topics: PCI DSS, SOC2, CISO, vCISO, HIPAA, CIS Controls, Security Program

Establishing and maintaining SOC2 compliance

Many companies, especially start ups, need to maintain a SOC2 certification but would rather not hire a full time CISO. So who is going to make sure that you will pass your next SOC2 audit. Enter the Virtual CISO. Outsourcing your Information Security program is a great way to support sales with the SOC2 certification without breaking the budget by staffing a large team.

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